A game of skill...

Arca's Path is a VR ball rolling platform game.

It's a physical VR game of skill, which challenges the player to accurately navigate through a series of obstacle courses and sci-fi landscapes.

Help Arca get home...

Arca tells the story of a penniless young girl, who is tricked by an evil witch and becomes trapped in a simulated world.

Beneath the witch’s sweet, feeble exterior is a violent, unhinged AI that preys on gullible young children. The AI Witch exists primarily within the simulation, but is able to roam the scrapheap, by piloting a frankenstein-esque cyborg body.

While trying to find a way out of the labyrinth, The Girl encounters the ‘ghost’ of a young boy. He is the digital remnant of a victim from years before, now permanently trapped within the simulation. The same fate awaits the girl if she can’t escape.

The Girl must work with The Ghost if she is to defeat The Witch, and return home.

"The antidote to today's busy, anxiety-inducing world"

The game makes a point of marrying music, mechanics, and its wonderful pastel art style together, and its simple enough that it'll work on any VR headset. If you want a game that undermines the stress and anxiety more high-tempo titles offer, this is a great choice... an antidote to the noise and tension in today's world.

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