Senior Programmer


DRi was founded in 2016 by a group of veteran Playstation Developers who participated in the success of significant franchises such as Singstar and EyeToy.


We are a start-up game development studio comprised of some of the gaming industry’s finest immersive technology experts. Determined to use our powers for good, the team is passionate about applying cutting-edge technologies to create fun and unique experiences that anyone can play.

DRi is backed by the UK’s biggest independent creative agency, Mother, and has deep relationships across the tech and entertainment industries.


The team is currently focused on exciting Augmented Reality applications, but with backgrounds in Virtual Reality, Motion Controls, Artificial Intelligence, and more, anything Dreamed could become Real for this little studio! There couldn’t be a more exciting time for you to join us!

key duties

  • Develop game features as required, working with designers to prototype & iterate.

  • Contribute to game architecture & technical design.

  • Create custom Unity editor GUI / pipeline to support content integration.

  • Understand memory and performance constraints on each platform, and adapt as necessary.

  • Ensure compliance with platform technical requirements.

  • Troubleshoot and debug technical problems that arise.


  • Experience with the full Unity development process, including having shipped at least one title.

  • Excellent C#.

  • Understanding of key Unity concepts such as Asset Bundles and Scriptable Objects.

  • Ability to create robust software architectures, particularly in Unity / C#.

  • Familiarity with client/server environments

desirable skills

  • Knowledge of HTML5 game development, especially with game engines such as PlayCanvas, Defold or similar.

  • Experience of native iOS and/or Android development.

  • Knowledge of cloud computing / online gaming services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Playfab etc.

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