meet a legend ...

Hold The World* was commissioned by Sky VR to give players something most can only dream of: a private audience with the UK’s most trusted figure, Sir David Attenborough.


It places players in secret rooms inside London's Natural History Museum, giving them the power to examine priceless artefacts and watch them come to life.


The project combined several cutting-edge technologies for the first time: high res digital scans; advanced game design & interactions; creature animation & a 3D hologram of Sir David.

I'm impressed by what feels like genuine eye contact with Attenborough. It almost feels rude to look away and cast my eyes around at the room.


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Everything is lovingly reconstructed to maximize for realism, truly making you feel like you’re sitting across the table with the affable and always knowledgeable Sir David Attenborough

* Hold the World, a Factory 42 production for Sky